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One man's experience with Waste Vegetable Oil

Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) is an exciting alternative fuel. It's basically free (you're doing a service to commercial users of oils), and the conversion on a diesel truck isn't too expensive. Over the coming weeks we'll be featuring a lot of news about WVO, and to whet your appetite, here's a great testimonial from WVO user KevinRobinson123 on Hummer Network Forums:

SVO/WVO: Here's my calculation: I spent a total of $3,000 on fuel last year. My heated veggie oil system, installed by one of Skiman's dealers in Ohio, cost me $3,000 installed in my H1. That's a 1 year return.
I just sold my gas pickup truck and bought a diesel pickup today since my H1 likes my mechanic more than me. Yes, you must collect and filter your free fuel or I will do that for you for $1.25 a gallon. I only have 2,000 gallons left.
To the nay-sayers, yes, keep paying for #2 diesel at the pump and stay away from my free fuel. Oh, and the home heating oil savings are icing on the cake.

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